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If you could choose between only black or white as a main color for costumes, home decor, etc and only gold or silver as an accent, what would you choose?

I realized that my tastes have changed over the past few years. Five years ago, I probably would have picked black & gold....now I'm really into white & silver.

Aprons & suffragettes

Over the past few years, I've noticed that aprons, both in retro & updated versions have become big again. There is even a magazine out called "apron-ology". This sort of puzzles me...I'm one of those people who grew up with their mothers generation bent on tossing away their aprons as a symbol of getting out of the kitchen & into the workplace.
Another trend (which seems opposite to the apron one) is the recent upswing in vintage clothing labelled "suffragette". I've run across this label on listing for dresses from 1910-20 a lot lately. Is this just the latest thing to call vintage now that descriptions of vintage dresses as steampunk or goth have become so common & overdone?

Online Accessories exhibit 1550-1950

The Rijksmuseum has an online exhibition of accessories from 1550-1950 at


The accessories are varied & are arranged in 50 year time intervals.


Fashion through the Ages Auction

http://www.christies.com/ has an auction upcoming on Dec 3, 2009 titled "fashion through the Ages" with 321 lots from the late 16th century through the 20th. There are some very nice 18th century garments in the auction, plus clothing from Fortuny & Poiret. To find the online catalogue, go to "Calendar" and click on the month header for Dec. 09.


Danish websites I Like...

http://www.kongedragter.dk has an online collection of kings clothing from 1644-about 1863. To get more information on each garment shown, click on the little "i" at the bottom right for "laes mere" (read more). This will take you to an information page that contains a detailed description of the garment. Clicking "Dragtens Snittegning" will take you to the page of the graphed pattern piece layout for the garment. This is part of the Rosenborg Palace site.
The main site for Rosenborg, http://www.rosenborgslot.dk/ is good, it has an extensive visual tour & a tour of the crown jewels. If you want to get to the kings clothing collection from the main site, you have to use the Danish language selection, it doesn't show up if you click on "English" as your language of choice. The "links" section will lead you to international websites about other European palaces & to a "day in the life" site that describes the lifestyles of various historic European kings (warts & all..).
http://tidenstoej.natmus.dk/ has photos & graphed pattern layouts of both men's & women's clothing from the mid-1700's to the mid-20th century.
"Costume in Denmark" http://www.dragt.dk/index.eng.html is an index of links to museums all over Denmark that have costume collections.
http://www.dengamleby.dk is the website for the Old Town open air museum in Aahus, Denmark. This is my favorite open-air/living history museum. It has a large collection of antique buildings from all over Denmark, including houses, businesses, shops, etc. http://www.dengamleby.dk/buildings.htm shows the layout of the Old Town, it's fairly large. They are supposed to be putting in a permanent exhibit of their extensive clothing collection sometime, with access from the "Mintmasters Mansion".



More favorite websites...

Three Graces Jewelry:

http://www.georgianjewelry.com/ They have lovely antique jewelry from medieval times to Art Deco, but mostly from the 18th to 20th centuries. These are very high end pieces, museum quality. They have an archive of sold pieces & a search feature. It's a nice site to find good examples of antique jewelry not in museum websites.

Antiques & Uncommon Treasures:


Over the years, I've found a lot of examples of very nice antique sewing kits, etui's, chatelaines, jewelry & clothing accessories here. The prices are high, but "window shopping" is fun (& free!).



V & A Beta Search

WooHoo! The V & A has put up their expanded Collection Search & about doubled the items. I'm having way too much fun searching for new additions to the costume & accessories items. There is some good new stuff there!


A rhyme for costumers?

I found this while I was looking for something else entirely....

"When I'm a grown-up woman, with my hair up on my head;
I'll sit & sew till very late, & never go to bed".


Antique Textile Website-Diane Thalmann

I found this through the "trouvais" blog. She specializes in high end 18th & early 19th century English & French textiles, costumes & shawls. If you click on the photo of an item, it will take you to a page with more photos & high res. images. She also has a small archive of sold items. The address is http://www.antique-textiles.net/



Beautiful 18th century blog-Trouvais

I just ran across this gorgeous blog...it's called "trouvais", which relates to "found" in French. It's another French-oriented blog, but the text is in English. The blogger has lots of photos of existing 18th c. clothing & accessories, as well as various interior, flea market finds, & architecture photos. One of the nice things is that she lists the sources for most of her clothing photos, so you can go & find the full information if you want to. The address is www.http://trouvais.com